ok so 2 weeks in the books and another 4 lbs down.  its nice to see the results.  i’ve lost another inch in the waist, half inch in the neck and inch in my chest.  the best part about this is my energy levels are throught the roof, i have no desire to stop and actually would like to do more.  so for this upcomming week i will be adding weight to some of the exercises like the squats and step ups.  and gonna make the move from intervals on the bike to the treadmill tomorrow. 


Ok here is the down low, after one week of this program i lost 4 lbs, one inch in my waist and a half inch on the neck.  not bad for a first week.  I’m looking forward to some more drastic results in the comming week because during week one while i was mostly good i wasnt very strict with my eating.  i feel i can cut down portion sizes to reduce my calorie intake not too much but i’m sure it will help.  so one week down 7 more to go. 

Well end of week one.  i’m off to the gym for a workout and to step on the scale  for the official week one report.  but before i get to that i thought i would share a great experience.  last night i took in an xaiver rudd concert.  if you dont know who he is, look him up he is great.  a little different than the norm but i like that.  this man sits on stage with a full percussion ensemble in-front of him, while he wails on the drums he also plays guitar, harmonica and even a digery-do.  Thats talent.  great music, peaceful lyrics and one hell of a show.  check him out if you get the chance. 

well the superbowl is done,  great game, enjoyed a good time with my friends here at university.  I swayed a little bit this weekend, went out for food a few times with the girlfriend while she was visiting, keept it fairly healthy though, mabe thats something we can work on for future visits.  At the superbowl party i kept myself to one beer and didnt really eat much at all.  I was telling my girlfriend i really feel good when i am clean with my eating like i have been lately.  I havent had to take a zantac 75 or tums in 2 weeks.  i used to pop them after almost every meal, or at least once a day.  so one week is almost in the books, i will weigh in on tue to see where i am.  not expecting much i know the weight will come off soon.  busy week ahead of me.  but with a little organization i can keep up this good routine i have going on for me. 

so today was my first shot at the body weight 100, good workout, fast and easy to follow, helps keep things interesting.  today however i was so pumped up and full of energy i did the circut twice, which is supposed to be next weeks progression.  i then followed that up with another interval session.  so basically i have the first week of exercises done and i feel great about it, everyday i look forward to the gym and have had energy through the roof.  The girlfriend is comming to visit for the weekend so we are gonna go and do a boxing woorkout which is a killer sweat and super fun but also has sentimental meaning for us as it is how we met.  Thats right i met my girlfriend in a boxing ring as my first ever sparing partner and i destroyed her (she’ll claim otherwise), but after she punched me in the face i unloaded, body shots and head shots carefully placed and felt no regret (in all fairness the two judges scored the 3 round session in her favour because she threw a lot of punches, in my opinion though i landed more hahaha), and here we are today.  so i will keep active this weekend, sunday i have off and thats perfect as it is superbowl.  i’m gonna make a healthy salsa i found in a MH magazine and lots of veggies, staying away from the chips pop and wings.  looking forward to it.  I’m cheering for the patriots because i enjoy seeing history in the making, i kind of feel part of it, and my older brother likes the giant and hes a loser so by association so are the giants.  hope everyone enjoys the weekend  

As i sat at my desk all day reading journal articles, i was a little nervous about the workout looming above my head for tonight.  dont get me wrong, i was pumped for it, i couldnt wait to get in the gym and break a sweat, but todays workout contained some new exercises for me.  Nobody wants to look like an idiot in the gym, fall off the swiss ball or something, have someone looking at the big guy not bench pressing or doing bicep curls and say what the hell is he doing.  so reluctantly i tried theses and it worked, great workout tonight, great sweat and a real sence of accomplishment when i finished.  moral of this short story.  who gives a shit if you look a little silly in the gym doing something new, at least your in the gym.  at least your there working your ass off while millions of lazy idiots sit on there ass getting fatter.  Reminding myself of that made me feel better, more confident and it payed off.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings, cheers.

day 2 of my BO08 adventure and i run into my first roadblock, its staff meeting time and the boss hooks us up with dinner out to discuss the job.  So we venture off to the Mandarin all you can eat buffet.  I was dreading this all day.  i’ve been so good for the past week and a bit, really clean diet and really want to stay on track.  I’ve been feeling great and didnt want to destroy that with a binge eating sesson.  As i walk into the restaraunt my internal football player instincts hit me like a wave, look at all the deep fried, battered, fatty goodness, and as much as i can handle.  I remember going to this place with my football team or wrestling team after cutting weight and having contests to see how many plates you can consume.  this was a tough temptation.  but i sat down ordered my drink and remembered something i read in a MH magazine a while back about having soup as an appitizer. apparently people who eat soup as an appy consume far less calories during their meals than do people that fill up on greesy bread or other such things.  so i tried it out.  Then the moment of truth, dinner, i walked up to the buffet tables and carefully look over the foods, one by one eliminating the ones i would normally have jumped for.  I looked at them and saw not how good it would taste for the few minutes but rather how gross it is thinking about what that can do to my body.  so a plate of steamed brocholi and poached fish with a few other vegie options later, i was happy with myself.  As the dinner finished and the meeting progressed everyone got up for the desert bar, again look at all the fat filled sugary goodness that i could binge on but i was controlled, i grabed a small plate and headded to the fresh fruit, once i had a few pieces on the plate there was no room for the bad stuff so i walked away.  so the first test was passed.  i think it will be easier to pass the other tests to come now.